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Stripe Snoop Specific
Stripe Snoop specific documents and information
Beta Tester Form
A form to fill out and email to serve as a Beta Tester for Stripe Snoop. Don't worry about not having any programming experience, or any exotic readers/platforms.
Card Form
A form to describe new cards that Stripe Snoop does not recognize. Filling these out is the only way new cards can be added and supported by Stripe Snoop's database.
Doxygen Documents
The Doxygen Documentation of the Stripe Snoop Source Code. While I am not using all the features yet, provides excellent insight into the class structure, function and members variables that Stripe Snoop uses.

Thanks to Andy Beatty for the contribution
General forum about Stripe Snoop hosted by Source Forge.
A Glossary of Terms used in Stripe Snoop documentation, forums, and mailing list.
Mailing List Archives
Archive of all the messages sent to the Stripe Snoop Developers mailing list. You can join/leave the mailing list here

Reader Datasheets
Datasheets describing the magstripe readers Stripe Snoop supports
Azio ACR33B
(1 page, PDF)
Datasheet for the Azio ACR33B Serial Reader. This reads Tracks 1 and 2.
Magtek #2104
aka MCR-8

(1 page, PDF)
Datasheet for the Magtek #2104 Track 2 TTL Reader. This is often sold as the MCR-8 TTL reader.
Omron V3A/V3B Family
(6 pages, PDF)
The Technical specs from Omron's V3A/V3B family of TTL magstripe readers. Includes pinouts to help with interfacing these readers to other devices.

Technical References
A collection of documents and information useful to Stripe Snoop developers.
ISO Standard Crib sheet
(1 pages, PDF)
A nice summary of all the ISO standards, including track locations, formats, and common numbering schemes.
AAMVA Standard
(104 pages, PDF)
A standard for what information should be stored on a drivers' license, and what format. This standard describes licenses issued in both the United States and Canada. Not only are magstripe covered, but smart card chips, biometric samples, and handwriting compression.
States with magstripes
A list of states I've compiled that implement the AAMVA magstripe standard.
MagTek 21006516 F2F Chip)
(2 pages, PDF)
Technical specs for Magtek's 21006516 F2F Decoder Chip. Includes a pinout of the actual chip (which is pin compatible with Magtek's 21006505 Decoder Chip), as well as support circuitry need to build a stand alone application around it. Useful when hacking apart keyboard based readers.
MagTek 21006505 Circuit)
Nice Diagram that shows the external circuitry that is needed to support this F2F decoder chip. Comparison with the circuit shown in the 21006516 chip shows what the values of these components are. Unless you are buying an F2F chip directly, any magstripe reader you buy (even TTL readers) will already have this circuitry in place. This is a nice reference when you are hacking apart keyboard based readers.
74367 Hex Buffer Chip
Pinout for the 74367 Hex Buffer chip, which can be used in the Parallel Port Adapter to protect the host computer's motherboard/parallel port.
74541 Octal Buffer Chip
Pinout for the 74541 Octal Buffer chip, which is used in the Parallel Port Adapter to protect the host computer's motherboard/parallel port.
I/O Interface for TTL Readers
(34 Pages, PDF)
Magtek's document that contains everything about magstripes. Physical layout, Character sets, LRC calculation, and Direct -vs- Serial interfacing approaches

Local copy from Magtek's website
Application Notes for TTL Readers
(2 Pages, PDF)
Magtek's document about Direct -vs- Serial interfacing approaches. Good info about the time critical nature of Direct reading. Included as in appendix in Magtek's I/O Interface for TTL Readers

Local copy from Magtek's website

Other Documentation
Articles and documents about magstripes.
Phrack 37
An excellent article by Count Zero. Gives a wealth of information including the correct layout of a magstripe, character sets, sample decodes. If you read nothing else read this!
Interfacing Cheap Readers
(8 pages, PDF)
An awesome guide with picture by tafische ( for making a game port interface with the cheap readers you can purchase from BGMicro and All Electronics.
Magstripe Interfacing - A Lost Art
(6 pages, PDF)
An article I wrote that was published in the Summer 2004 issue of 2600 that is all about magstripe interfacing. This provided the basis for Stripe Snoop. The source code from the article is also available.
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