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Parallel Port Adapter

Your x86 machine doesn't have a game port? Well, if you have a parallel port, you can now use Stripe Snoop. Build your reader as described in the hardware page, then read on!

Since we are not using the game port, we need an external power supply. A 9V battery does just fine. Use this simple circuit to convert 9 volts to 5 volts

We capture these inputs from the parallel port using a modified version of this interface.I happen to have a 74541 Octal Buffer instead of the 74367 Hex Buffer they used. They are identical in function, so don't worry. I wired up my interface using DB-15 Female and DB25 male connectors, so I could use standard extension cables. Here is the circuit:

I also put it in nice Radioshack hobby box. I hope airport security does freak out when they see this.(click on pictures for larger view)

Here is the circuit all laid out on a bread board.

Here is a Radioshack case, with holes cut for the DB-15, DB-25, and power switch.

Here is the power circuit. dropping my 9V to 5V.

Circuit board is in the box. Added 74541 chip

Battery is added and tested. Everything is good so far.

Added the DB-25 (bottom of box with read wires), things are getting tight!

Added the joystick and we are all done!

Finished product is connected to computer and works!

Screenshot in action: Reading from parallel port and Track 1 of a Visa Card!

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