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Binrev Interview (OGG)
(44:00, 11.2 Megs, OGG Vorbis)
I was interviewed on Binary Revolution Radio, about my 2600 article about Magstripes, and Stripe Snoop. Answers lots of questions about Stripe Snoop, and discusses its future

Video - Media Attention
The Screen Savers (WMV)
(3:54, 10.7 Megs, Windows Media File (Sorry!)
Stripe Snoop was showcased on G4TechTV's The Screen Savers. However, I have little beef with one of the hosts, Kevin Rose. Rose manages to do a 4 minute bit, using my software, my hardware, even my exact reader modification, and mentions Stripe Snoop once. Once! And for all my hard work on the matter, I am mentioned ... not at all. Yes, your humble author whose work Rose basically jacks isn't even mentioned. Even Rose's introduction, "The other day I looked in my wallet and wondered...," was lifted directly from this site. He even uses a photo from my website in the production. While I enjoy the exposure, and indeed the web stats show I nice bump, Rose does not give credit where credit is due. Somehow I can't see Leo Laporte being a jackass like that.

Videos - Using Stripe Snoop
A series of videos showing how Stripe Snoop works, and illustrates all its features. This lets you see how cool and exciting Stripe Snoop can be, and is a nice introduction if you are interested in the project.
Video Summary
Part 1 (AVI)
(4:32, 9.9 Megs, 320x240, DivX3)
This Video shows how to use Stripe Snoop in Raw mode. It explains why Raw mode is important, and how to use it to trade card information across the Internet. Several different cards are swiped and shown
Part 2 (AVI)
(7:06, 15.6 Megs, 320x240, DivX3)
This is an overview of how Stripe Snoop works. Specially, it is about how Stripe Snoop will parses a bit stream (received from a hardware interface or a file) and displays the contents. Several cards are decoded, and the Database is used to gain insight about what the contents of the card means.
Part 3 (AVI)
(8:49, 17.7 Megs, 320x240, DivX3)
This video examines the features and tools you can use to do meaningful work with Stripe Snoop. These tools allow Stripe Snoop to be useful even without reader hardware. bitgen and mod10 are explained. We also show how to modify existing bit streams to remove personal data before sending it across the Internet. As an example we create a valid Visa card and analyze it.

Videos - Hardware Modification
A pair of videos discussing how single track magstripe readers can read other tracks. Shows how to modify existing equipment to read all 3 tracks.
Video Summary
Part 1 (AVI)
(7:11, 7.0 Megs, 400x300, Xvid / MP3)
Discusses the location of magstripe tracks and how the magnetic head and F2F decoder work to generate a bitstream. Shows how these parts can be used to read any track. Demonstrates how to modify an Omron V3A reader to read multiple tracks
Part 2 (AVI)
(7:22, 7.3 Megs, 400x300, Xvid / MP3)
Shows steps by steps instructions on how to create the shims used in Part 1 to read other tracks with a single track reader.
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