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Stripe Snoop Embedded - Stripe Snoop Embedded (SSE) is a customized subset of Stripe Snoop that 4Access Communications contracted me to create for use in their Orion Point of Sale product. It supports all major credit cards and full AAMVA Drivers License support. It has increased reporting so the underline POS software can better access and act on the information encoded on the cards.

If you are interested in licensing a Stripe Snoop or Stripe Snoop Embedded, or in a customized port, please email me here: email address

Version 2.0 Preview - Another screenshot that Stripe Snoop 2.0. Instead of the Visa example I often use, here is a Airline ticket.

Version 2.0 Preview - This is a preview of the upcoming Stripe Snoop 2.0 release. The database is now multi-track aware, and Stripe Snoop support Magtek and other serial based readers. Here, Stripe Snoop is using a Serial based reader. It reads all the tracks, auto-detects the different character sets, and performs a look up in the database

Version 1.6 Preview - Version 1.6 was released in mid September, and incorporated several features the SS community suggested and help implement. Port number could be specified by the user, allow parallel port adapters to work. Shims were supported using command line options to tell SS which character set to use.

While adding all these options to SS, it became clear that the existing design could barely support these extensions. Thus starting in October of 2004, SS was re-written.

Version 1.5 - Version 1.5 was a huge advance for the Database. The number of card types recognized by Stripe Snoop doubled. The database entries are better formatted, and much more informative. They now notes about the card types, as well as include information about what parts of the card are still unknown. This makes it much easier for users to know what parts of the Database are lacking, and specifically what they can add to improve it.

Version 1.4 - Stripe Snoop 1.4 added support for Keyboard based readers. Here, we see Stripe Snoop using a Cherry POS Keyboard to capture the magstripe data, and then parsing it.

Version 1.3 - Stripe Snoop 1.3 added a more extensive database. It also added Input and Raw modes, which allow bitstreams to be captured into files, for later analysis. This means card data can be studied by people without physically needing the card, or a reader. This also means non-root users can run the Linux version, as shown here.

Version 1.2 -Stripe Snoop 1.2 supports Linux builds, and adds some primitive database support. Here Stripe Snoop displays the contents of the track as normal, detects that it's a Visa card, displays the appropriate fields.

Version 1.0 - This version of Stripe Snoop, was the first command line version, and was the first version written in C. It also added other features, such as support for swiping cards backwards, and LRC checksums.

Version 0.5 - This was the original version of Stripe Snoop. Written in VB6 (as was the project is was part of), this version has few features beyond simply parsing the contents of the card.

Version NA - Stripe Snoop was spun off from this project for a embedded systems class. This project went through several revisions where the testing of the magstripe parser took place. This is one of the reasons why it wasn't much work to get to a 1.0, as most of the testing and designing was done there. The project got an A, which was my final grade in the class.

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